Preču grozs LV/RU
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Jennifer (New York City and Texas) 
They are very good shoes. I have a pair for each of my boys and they are comfortable and keep theit feet dry.
Lauren (Boston, Massachusetts) 
These boots are fabulous! I just bought 3 new pairs for my 3 kids. Furthermore, I've bought them every year for the past 3 years -- since I discovered them when my eldest was 2. They are worn everyday for about 6-7 months by my kids (we live in cold New England), and they are very comfortable, durable, water-repellant, and warm. Very happy with these, and I will undoubtedly purchase them for my kids again next year.
Jessica (London, United Kingdom) 
FANTASTIC shoes/boots!!! Don't spend a Winter without them- bought some last year for my daughter and have rushed to Russell & Brom kids again this year to get them before they sell out! So warm, easy to put on and take off (good for nursery) and really waterproof, rain or snow.