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Les (NYC) 
My daughter loves these shoes and so have just bought her a new pair in the bigger size.
From an adult point of view I have to say these are the best quality, most durable, cutest shoes I've bought for my little girl in the whole time she's been walking - she's over three now. The shoes themselves are very light so don't hinder her play time and running. They're flexible too so super comfy, so she tells me.
The reason I started buying Ecco shoes for her is because she has very narrow feet and I was finding it hard to get other brands in a narrow width fitting - these are perfect and don't slide off her heels. Also, the quality of the leather is so great that she's outgrown her existing shoes and they are still in great condition.
Yes, they are not cheap, but so worth it for ensuring her young feet develop well.
Светлана (РФ) 
Отличная модель, у дочки высокий подъем, носила в прошлом году, купила на весну такие же.
Анна (РФ) 
Очень удобные и легкие туфли. Купила такие доче для садика. Носим с сентября - мысы чуть-чуть стерлись. А так ребенок доволен - нога за весь день не устает.