Корзина покупок LV/RU
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Юлия (РФ) 
Дочка в них все лето, довольнехонька, супер удобные ботиночки! Оч легкие и не жаркие, с юбкой и с бриджами, для активного ребенка идеальны. Думаем взять такие на сменку в первый класс :-)
Anonymous (Baltimore, MD) 
I ordered about 7 pairs of comparable Mary Janes (Merrill etc) and my daughter tried them all and chose these hands down for fit, fun and ability to run fast and jump high. They've held up really well and she says they are really comfortable.
Lisa (Philadelphia Suburbs) 
Great shoe for the summer. It fits true to size, and it's lightweight, plus it can go from dry to wet easily. A real plus, my daughter wears these to amusement parks/water parks, and the one pair of shoes work for the whole day. I've also found that Eccos, in general, hold up well and tend to look good for the whole season. My only issue with these...the insole comes out extremely easily, even before we got them wet. Not a big deal, we just stick them back in, but a minor annoyance, given the price tag of the shoe.